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About The Department

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Department of MBA

Master of Business Administration or M.B.A being one of the most reputed 2 year post-graduation degree in the world is designed to develop skills in management and business.

The objective of this programme is to bridge the gap in the industry by providing quality management professionals with strong technical skills and an acumen for managing a business, thus meeting the requirements of modern technology based industries. The Programme provides abundant resources and individual attention to students which facilitates learning in theory and practice of different functional areas of management. The course is carefully designed based on inputs by key stakeholders including students, industry experts, and faculty. The Programme equips students with decision making skills, conceptual and analytical abilities and provides opportunities to develop their communication, leadership, interpersonal and networking skills, attributes that are critical in today’s increasingly competitive world and fast-changing business environment.

The Programme is delivered by distinguished in-house and visiting faculty members and academicians and experts from other renowned peer-level institutions and organizations. The dedicated and experienced staff in the department strives not only to improve the language competence of the students but also in developing the personality of students through presentation skills, Seminars, Group Discussions, etc.


Internship program is one of the best ways to bring the academic and business community together. It is a win-win situation for both the students of the institute as well as the company providing internship.

*Companies interested for summer internship can mail their requirement at /

Specialisation papers offered:

Marketing : Marketing is an essential part of any business be it a large corporate organization or a small-scale industry. Without adequate forms of Marketing an enterprise cannot strive to expand its business. This is where the role of an individual with a specialized degree in Marketing comes to play. An MBA in Marketing helps an individual develop insights about the Why’s and How’s of the market and consumer behavior.MBA in marketing is very dynamic and competitive it enables a student to understand consumer behavior, market, advertising and other important fields.

Finance : MBA in finance as a field of study has the potential to open up the doors for Management professionals to different industries like the corporate sector, banking, real estate business, investment services, etc. MBA in finance helps to gain and enhance knowledge about financial skills required in a finance manager, business ideas, and economy of the country and gives expertise in subjects like costing, budgeting, International finance, Capital Management.

Information Technology : MBA in IT is a professional degree program that covers important technological aspects of business management. The course addresses the rich demand of IT professionals having expertise in business management in the market today. It also opens up the avenues of being placed in one of the departments of IT governance, IT Management and resourcing to much more. MBA in IT is designed to educate & develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, usage & administration of emerging and converging information & communications technologies.

Human Resource : Human Resource Management is essentially the process of hiring, training and managing employees for an organization. It is all related to the ‘people’ side of an organization. It is about making sure that an organization has the adequate number of people with the required skills and knowledge to fulfil the strategic aims of a company. This includes diversity, mergers and acquisitions, labour markets and emerging economics and international leadership. Individuals with good communication skills, a charismatic personality, and confidence may opt for this course.


Students having a 3 years bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% marks (45% in case of candidate belonging to reserved category) at the qualifying Examination in any discipline is eligible for MBA program.

Who should opt?

A person who is interested in solving various challenges related to smooth business running should opt for this course. This course requires a person who is skilled in managing a team and have the ability to take tough decisions in unfavourable situations. Hence a person who loves to take challenges while maintaining calm in tough environment are more likely to find solace in this course. Apart from this, having great communication skills and ability to maintain healthy relationships will only act as a feather in the cap.