Placement Process & Policy - For Recruiters

Recruiters are requested to furnish following details along with the campus recruitment proposal.

  • Year of establishment, Registration Details of the company and Registered corporate address.
  • Eligibility criteria, No of vacancy, Job profile & Job location
  • Whether the said profile is on role or off role
  • The company is requested to send the proposal through its official mail id.
  • Whether the students has to go through any sort of paid training after joining the company
  • Whether the student has to purchase any kit or submit security money for the kit provided by the company.
  • Whether the company is a National or Multinational

If you oblige us by visiting our Institute for a campus drive, we assure you that we would be more than happy to take care of the to and fro expenditures and provide the best of hospitality one would look for at the campus.

Placement Process & Policy- For Students

Dear Student
Training and Placement is most important aspect of any professional education. Cambridge Institute of Technology puts lots of effort and energy to make successful placement of its students. This is very well reflected from previous placements records. However, the success in placement of individual depends on his/her ability to attract, engage and leave a mark on the recruiting companies with the right attitude, aptitude, knowledge, skills, motivation and energy. This policy is designed to ensure that the Students of our college will present their potential in front of the companies, engaging with them through proper attitude, and make an impact on them with their knowledge and skills. In view of the above, the Institute conducts a number of activities prior to the placement, during the placement and after the placement. These activities includes pre-placement training sessions on aptitude, technical and communication skills, talks and sessions by industry persons, web and other presentations, on different aspects of learning, coding and technologies. The students should participate in different challenges which are conducted by companies, forum and association. The T&P keeps its students informed about such events. Participation in Such events and activities give an edge to student and prepares a student to face the recruitment process confidently as he has something to showcase in front of the recruiter which put him/her apart from others. A positive impression of student’s engagement with the recruiting companies gives a favourable impression of our students and companies would like to engage with the Institute in the long term. Participation and performance in such activities along with regular practice tests is mandatory for students desiring to participate in College placement programme. Participation and performance in such activities are traced continuously. Students having less than 75 % attendance or having poor performance are not allowed to take part in the placement programme.

The students shall strictly follow Placement Process & Policy, failing which the student shall not be allowed to avail placement facility.


  1. The Process of Placement starts from August/September month every year for final year students.
  2. Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) can be organized in advance or on the same day.
  3. The JD is made available to the students, along with any other information furnished by mails. The registered Students interested to sit for the said company are required to record their responses through modes desired by T & P.
  4. After confirmation by the company, the Training and Placement Cell announces the dates for campus interviews. The Order in which the companies are invited for the Placement is decided by the T& P, and is based on various parameters such as pay package offered, number of openings, and the profile of the company etc.
  5. The company sends or hand over the offer letter only to the Training and Placement Cell within a set time-frame as per the mutual understanding.
  6. The offered Students signs offer letter and a copy is forwarded to the company.
  7. The date of the placement drive may change from the company side due to the issue beyond their control.

Process of Registration for Students

  1. Students willing to apply for placements through T & P are required to register for the placements in T & P Department.
  2. Students who wishes to apply for a particular position in a particular company is expected to:
    a. Register for placements.
    b. Apply to T & P for the offer posted by the particular company.
    c. Attend PPT (Pre Placement Talks) of that particular company, if any.
  3. The placement facility is available to all the students if registered with T&P for placements. Any Student not registered is not eligible for Placement opportunities

Placement drives:
All the eligible students must attend the placement drives and maintain good conduct.

  • Student should abide by the rules of fair conduct and not engage in any activity during a placement drive which will risk the name and reputation of the institute.
  • If a student caught doing something unlawful/immoral then student will be debarred from all the Placement Drives.


  1. There is no restriction on appearing in interviews until the first job is secured. A student will be considered to have secured a job if her/his name appears in the selection list.
  2. If student gets multiple offers in the end of a day, or due to non-disclosure of the result in time by the company, wherein he/she has appeared in other drives, she/he will be free to choose any one between them.
  3. We have Two Offer Policy in below mentioned categories.
  4. A student selected in a 'Regular' category company has the option of upgrading to a 'Dream' category company.
  5. ONLY TWO offers shall be permitted to a student.
  6. SECOND offer shall primarily be to give the student an option to go to the higher category.
  7. In case the student lands up in the DREAM category in the FIRST go, then he/she shall not be eligible for any further offer.
  8. At the end of the placement season, TP may decide to call some companies only for the UNPLACED Students to help them grab their first offer.
Core Branches Placement Policy

1. For core branches like ME, EEE & CE one core offer policy is opted
2. Candidates will be liable to take just one offer in companies offering job for core domain profile.
3. The students of said branches if selected in non-core companies first will be given opportunity to sit for the core company irrespective of the category and no. of job offers he/she has received. But if the students of said branches selected in the core company at any stage, he will not be allowed to sit for any further placement core or non-core.

Accepting an Offer
  1. The company shall provide offer letters to the Placement Office and not directly to the students.
  2. When the Cell receives an offer letter from a company for a student, it shall communicate the same to her/him.
  3. >
  4. A time period will be declared within which the students have to inform the Cell regarding his/her decision on the offer. If he/she fails to do so, it shall be assumed that the offer has been rejected by him/her.
  5. Offer from Dream Category Company is deemed to be accepted and the student is out of campus placement process.
  6. When a student receives a second offer, i.e. in the case of up gradation, from 'Regular' to 'Dream' categories, then he/she must inform Placement Cell in writing the final choice of the company with reasons within 15 days or within the deadline specified by the company (whichever is earlier).
  7. The above rule is also applicable to the OFF CAMPUS offer as well. For example, if a student gets an offer from campus and another offer off campus, he/she should inform and specify the reason to T & P if he is joining the off-campus company. Also the student is required to confirm their joining within one week as soon as he/she gets a second offer. Failing for same will be dealt accordingly.
  8. Proper due-diligence should be done before formally accepting a job offer. Declining an offer, after formal acceptance, is violation of code-of-conduct & will be dealt accordingly.
  9. A student who has accepted an offer is expected to join on the given joining date.
  1. It is mandatory for all students appearing for any process of campus drive to come in formals. For boys, it is mandatory to be clean shaved
  2. Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of PPT/Test/Group Discussion / Personal Interviews and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or T& P staff.
  3. The T & P strongly discourages the students to go for off campus placements in companies that are coming to campus, as this affects the company-institute relations adversely.
  4. Students are also requested to forward contacts they have, if any, in different companies so that T & P may formally invite these companies for placements
  5. All post job-offer communication between student and Company should be channelized only through the placement cell.
  6. It is mandatory for students to register for the company to participate in the placement process of the company.
  7. Attendance in PPT is mandatory after registration, to be eligible for further placement process.
  8. Students proceeding after the PPT for the next step in the selection process of a Company cannot quit in between. If a student quits in between, then he/she will be debarred and will not be allowed to appear in any other future placement event. Students have a fair chance to inform their decision of not continuing for the placement process to T & P.
Any student can be detained from placement drive(s) under following circumstances:
  1. Maintaining PDP attendance lower than benchmark informed by the concerned department.
  2. Maintaining overall poor attendance in theory as well as laboratory classes in all the semesters.
  3. Keeping himself/herself absent (or maintaining low attendance) from additional PDP and Technical training classes in winter as well as summer vacations.
  4. Maintaining low attendance in company specific placement preparations.
  5. In appropriate response to seminar and project presentations.
  6. Any act of indiscipline.

If the company conducts any round outside the campus, the students who have registered / selected should compulsorily participate in the process. Students remaining absent in such cases will be debarred for any further placement opportunities. Any kind of misbehavior / complaints reported by the company officials will be taken seriously and if proven, the student will be debarred from future campus placements.
Non Acceptance due to Further Studies
If a student does not accept an offer because of him/her pursuing higher studies (in India or abroad), the student needs to inform the placement cell as soon as possible (latest by April end) along with the letter/offer received by the university.

The role of the T & P (Training Placement Cell) is of a facilitator for placement related activities. T & P will provide all sort of placement assistance to make their students employable. The T & P does extensive background checks of the companies coming for campus drive. Every student is advised to do a thorough research about the company and takes his/her decision accordingly. Registering or not registering for a company is student’s own decision.
The policy above has been defined to meet the aspiration of maximum students. This is a dynamic process and the policy will be updated as per the need of an hour.

NOTE: Training and Placement Cell hold the right to make necessary changes in the placement policy during the placement session.

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