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(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Ranchi University,Ranchi,Govt. of Jharkhand.)

Rules and Regulations

The Institute places a lot of emphasis on the discipline of students inside and outside the campus. The students must abide by the rules & regulations of the Institute and hostel enforced from time to time

  • • Students must attend lecture and practical classes regularly as 75% attendance is must for appearing in semester end examination.
  • • Students must not indulge in any kind of misconduct or indiscipline, if found punitive action will be taken by the Disciplinary Committee.
  • • Student shall not damage the property of the Institute. Cost of such damage will be charged from the student or the group of students involved in such act.
  • • Students should wear Identity Card during college hours and in case of loss of identity card it should be immediately reported with proper application to the concerned authority.
  • • Students are strictly prohibited from possessing or consuming spirits, tobacco products and narcotic drugs either within or outside the campus. If found violating will be rusticated immediately without warning.
  • • It is compulsory for all the students to attend departmental seminar which is conducted at regular interval. The seminar is designed as per current corporate trend prevailing in the market.

Rules regarding attendance:

Following are the rules relating to attendance at classes.

  1. Attendance in all classes (Lectures, Tutorials, Laboratories, Workshops & Other publicized activities etc) is compulsory. A student may be debarred from appearing at an examination on the ground of unsatisfactory attendance.
  2. The teacher concerned may condone absence from classes for a very short period due to unavoidable reasons provided he/she is satisfied with the explanation.
  3. (a) If the period of absence is for a short duration (of not more than 2 weeks) application for leave shall have to be submitted to the course coordinator concerned stating fully the reasons for the leave requested along with supporting document(s). The Head of the department will grant such leave.
    (b) Absence for a period not exceeding two weeks in a semester due to sickness or any other unavoidable reasons for which prior application could not be made may be condoned by the course coordinator provided he/she is satisfied with the explanation.
  4. If the period of absence is likely to exceed two week, a prior application for grant of leave will have to be submitted to the Principal through the HOD with the supporting documents. The decision to grant or condoned such leave shall be taken by the principal on the recommendation of academic council.
  5. It will be the responsibility of the student to get his absence from classes condoned by the appropriate authority.
  6. A student must intimate his/her absence to the hostel superintendent/hostel incharge in which he/she is residing before availing of any leave failing to do so will be construed as breach of discipline.


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