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Realization of RF Transceiver for Wireless sensor

    Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering Cambridge Institute of Technology, Ranchi


Abstract : This paper presents the system level design and simulation of a 1-Mb/s 2.4 GHz transceiver. The RF transmitter consists of a QPSK modulator, an up conversion mixer, a power amplifier and a 2.4 GHz Band pass filter. At the receiver RF front end, the low noise amplifier with down conversion to zero-IF, a low pass filter and a QPSK demodulator is used. This design is focused on the determination of optimum performance of 2.4GHz wireless transceiver where the expected results would be achieved as two independent phase signals represented as I signal and Q signal. These two independent signals are generated by the help of a signal generator to be processed in transmitter and receiver. The various block parameters of the transmit/receive RF front end like noise figure, gain , 1dB compression point and IIP3 are simulated and optimized to meet the low power and low cost transceiver specifications.

Keyword : Direct conversion, QPSK modulation, noise figure, gain low power , transceiver