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Clubs ,Society and Cell

Life at C. I. T. Ranchi stretches way beyond classroom rigor and assignments. The Institute offers excellent opportunities to its students to participate in recreational and creative activities through many clubs and societies. These clubs and societies intend to serve as the nerve Centre of all student activities in the campus. It aims to foster a Well-balanced development of its members through excellence in extra-curricular activities along with their academic achievements.

Photography Club : Photography, a strong medium of mass communication is considered a passion for some and profession for a few. This club aims to encourage interest in photography and help the interested students to hone their skills. The club started out as a small group and has now blossomed into a strong populous number. There is wonderful rapport among the members. Different photographers have different styles, and the idea behind the club is to share the specific knowledge with a larger audience and to learn from others. The object of the Club is to provide all those interested in photography with an opportunity to improve their knowledge and enjoy the Art through lectures, practical demonstrations and optional competitions and hands on event coverage. Photography Club is also a great resource for both digital and film shooters and all photographers are welcome regardless of your talent level, interest in photography, or how much “gear” you have!

Literary Club : The members of this club include those who are interested in literary activities. The wide spectrum of literary activities undertaken by the Literary Club includes book discussions, interaction with authors, review writing competitions, literary quizzes, visits to book fairs and libraries, workshops, book jacket designing competitions, screenings of films based on famous books etc. The activities of this club also involve creation of written material in its various forms such as short stories, serial stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc.

Cultural Club : When it comes to all fun and frolics, it is the cultural club that actively organizes events for students interested in drama, music, dance etc. The students here get to vent their creative expressions and showcase their talent.

The club encourages students to participate in various activities and is categorised under :

Fine Arts : Fine Arts club focuses on fine art events like drawing, painting, embroidery, jewellery making etc. Its main objective is to inculcate the idea of imagination in each individual. It is established in such a way to bring out the talents within each individual and make them realize their excellence in the specific field of arts.

Dance Club : Dance club of C. I. T. was formed in order to bring out the dancing talent from every CITian. It not only focuses on entertaining people but also working on bringing out certain message that will be useful for the student. The club was established with the mission of bringing out the hidden talents among students and also provide them a stage where they can showcase their dancing talent and interest. The club provides lot of opportunities in the form of competition and workshops for igniting the spark of interest present in the budding technocrats and honing their skills towards showcasing their talents.

Music Club : The Club focuses on bringing out the musical talents (both vocal and instrumental) and providing them a stage to perform.

Environment Club :

The objective of the Environment Club is to

  • • Raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues
  • • Instil a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment
  • • Educate and cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment

The Club will be involved in a diversity of programmes aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and protecting the environment. Members will contribute by providing creative ideas on how to initiate and organise programmes in line with the club's objectives as well as in participating in hands-on "Green" activities.

Science Club : The science club is an out-of- class-hours club that offers students the chance to do science-related innovative activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom.

Objectives of the Science Club:

  • • To promote inquisitiveness among the students and staff to inculcate scientific temper among them.
  • • To trigger interest among the students in Science.
  • • To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society and dissemination of information on science and technology, which is essential tool for development.
  • • Evolution of a holistic approach towards problems through awareness, concern, involvement & application of the scientific methodology for their resolution.
  • • Stimulation of the spirit of curiosity, enquiry innovation and creativity through activities which would supplement conventional education and make science a very enjoyable & interesting pursuit.

Sports Society : For students’ activity in sports and games, the Sports Club arranges various sports events and competitions with the support of the Institute’s Sports society. The Institute campus provides all amenities to the sports lovers including well maintained sports grounds and facilities for games such as football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, athletics etc. as well as various indoor games like badminton, table tennis, chess, carom etc  

NSS Cell: National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, popularly known as NSS was launched in Gandhiji's Birth Centenary Year 1969, in 37 Universities involving 40,000 students with primary focus on the development of personality of students through community service.

The College conducts various social service activities like blood donation camp, Medical Camps, Plantation and conduct literacy program in nearby village. The NSS team consists of Students, Faculty and non-teaching staff.

The cell consists of following members :

  1. Prof. Arshad Usmani, HOD, C.S.E.                                        - Coordinator
  2. Dr. Pallavi Singh, HOD, T. English                                        - Co-Coordinator
  3. Prof. Ankit Kumar, Asst. Professor, M.B.A.                         - Co-Coordinator
  4. Mr. Manish Nath, Dy. Registrar                                           - Co-Coordinator
  5. Mr. Kaushik Chand, O.S.D.                                                    - Co-Coordinator
  6. Dr. Shalini Singh, HOD, M.B.A.                                              - Co-Coordinator  
  7. Prof. Shafique Alam, HOD, Civil Engg.                                 - Member
  8. Prof. Rohit Kumar, Asst. Professor, Civil Engg.                  - Member
  9. Prof. Dharmesh Kumar, Asst. Professor, E.C.E.                  - Member
  10. Prof. Akansha Mishra, Asst. Professor, E.C.E.                     - Member
  11. Prof. Naiyer Mumtaz, Asst. Professor, E.C.E.                      - Member
  12. Dr. K. Mamta, Associate Professor, Appl. Phy.                   - Member
  13. Prof. Shweta Singh, Asst. Professor, T. English                  - Member
  14. Mr. Dharmendra Tiwary, Press Secretary                         - Media Coordinator

Entrepreneurship Development Cell: The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was started with the object of promoting specialized knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship development. In view of the worldwide shortage of jobs (both government and private sectors) leading to unemployment problems and lack of proper utilization of human resources; the cell strives to identify talented youth to entrepreneurial works. The cell plans to organise various programmes regarding entrepreneurship development.

Objectives of the Cell

  • (a) Creating awareness among the students of the Institute and the educated unemployed youth of North east India regarding entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • (b) Conduct training programmes in the field of entrepreneurial skill development
  • (c) Develop entrepreneurship related course curriculum to incorporate in management and engineering programmes.
  • (d) Provide guidance and facilities to first time entrepreneurs during gestation.
  • (e) To guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system, information on technologies, etc.
  • (f) To organize Business Plan Competitions every year.
  • (g) To arrange interaction with entrepreneurs and create a mentorship scheme for student entrepreneurs.

The cell consists of following Members

  1. Principal                                                                                             - Chairman
  2. Sri S. P. Mishra, Asst. Prof., Deptt. of Mech. Engg.                          - Member
  3. Mr. Ankit Kumar, Coordinator cum Chief Marketing Manager    - Member
  4. Mr. Sunny Kumar Singh, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Civil Engg.     - Member
  5. Mr. B. C. Saha, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of E.E.E.                               - Member
  6. Mr. Binod Kumar, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of C.S.E.                                    - Member
  7. Mr. Dhiraj Kumar, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of E.C.E.                        - Member

Continuing Education Programme (CEP) Cell : With the rapid pace of growth in technological knowledge and frequent paradigm shifts in technology, Continuing Education of working professionals in industry and Institutes is a vital need. The Continuing Education Programme (CEP) Cell at C. I. T. Ranchi has been set up to meet the manpower training and knowledge up-gradation needs of the industry as well as Institutes. This Cell coordinates the continuing education programmes of the Institute. Among its activities, it helps in the organization of Continuing Education Programmes aimed at industrial process and applications as well as short-term Courses and skill development programmes under TEQIP-II, meant for industry professionals and faculty & staff of engineering Institutions.

Objectives of CEP:

  • (a) To assists working professionals in the industry and academics in widening their knowledge base and in improving their skills through intensive interactions.
  • (b) To assist the industry and institutes to be globally competitive and be at the cutting edge of technology by providing training and expertise in critical areas.
  • (c) To promote strong industry-institute interaction.
  • (d) To prepare our graduate engineering Industry-ready.

The cell consists of following Members

  1. Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Singh, Principal                                           - Chairman
  2. Prof. Sheelu Singh, HOD, E.C.E.                                            - Member
  3. Prof. Deepak Kumar Verma, Asst. Prof., C.S.E.                   - Member
  4. Prof. Sunny Kumar, Asst. Prof., Civil Engg.                         - Member
  5. Prof. Mukesh Kumar, Asst. Prof., Mech. Engg.                    - Member
  6. Prof. Pawan Kumar Kuhwaha, Asst. Prof., E.E.E.                - Member
  7. Prof. K. P. Dutta, Asst. Prof., E.C.E.                                       - Coordinator


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